Wavo Lampard ( Papillon x Ladys Lower) level : 150

The attentive and fast horse long given balanced performances at home and on foreign races. In the years 2014, 2015 CSIO3 * -W Bratislava won the first round of the Little Prix. In 2015, he became the defender of the Grand Prix of the Ford Cup of Trojanovice, where the main prize was a new car. In September 2015 he gave a quality performance at CSI4 * Šamorín. The whole race ended with a clean sheet and placed in the final third. Spring Opening Jumping 2016 in Šamorín Wavo Lampard did not find the supporter in the Silver Tour.

Breed : slovak warmblood

Father : Papillon

Mother : Ladyna by Ladys´Lower

Date of birth : 06/08/2005

Sex : gelding

Color : chesnut

Obstacle height : 150

Owner : Ing. Viktor Karel

FEI results : https://data.fei.org/Horse/Performance.aspx?p=5D2EFD860DA55AD8AD62FB3353D1406A

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